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Make sure that your summer tyres will be stored properly

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When it comes time to change to winter tyres, it is also important to store your summer tyres properly. First, you need to check the condition of the summer tyres to confirm that they are worth saving. If they are below 4 mm tread depth, they are not worth saving and should be given to the tyre service station for them to recycle the tyres. If they are above 4mm, they should be marked based on their position when they were taken off. This is so that they can be rotated when they are mounted again next year so that left-right will be placed on right rear position and the right rear tyre will be placed on left front position and the same for the tyres on the right side. This is to even out differences in the wear between the front and rear positions. 

The tyres should also be cleaned so that oil and dirt are removed before they are stored in cool conditions, without heavy weight on top of them. They should also be kept out of direct sunlight or high ozone areas. The best is always allowing the tyre service station to store the tyres for you in their tyre storage facility so that you know that they are stored correctly and safely. It saves you some hassle having to take the tyres back and forth when you want to have them changed, and you can use the space for other things.

Once that you know that you have your tyres in good condition and stored correctly until they are needed again next year, you can forget about them until it is time after the winter season to schedule a tyre change again. By allowing a tyre service station to do the tyre change for you, you know that the tyres have been checked before they are mounted and that they have been balanced before they are mounted. You know that the right tools are used, the tyre pressure is checked, the tyre valves are changed, and valve caps are put on. 

There is more than you think about changing and storing tyres to ensure that they are in good condition and safe to drive with before they are again rotated and mounted. Rotation of tyres is also very important if you instead of alternating between summer and winter tyres instead of using all-season tyres. The all-season tyres are meant to be used all year round as they can handle both summer and winter conditions. These tyres are not for everyone, but for the areas that have very unpredictable weather or where you don’t really have four distinct seasons, they tend to be the best and safest option. Since when you alternate tyres, they are rotated simultaneously, you need to figure out when to rotate the all-season tyres instead. You can measure the tread depth, and when you notice a difference of 2-3 mm between the front and the rear set, you can rotate them.

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