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How Shipping Vehicle From New York To Florida Works?

The distance from New York to Florida is approximately 1,100 miles. The estimated time it takes to cover the long-distance is 2 to 3 days. However, DIY driving is not safe and considers the required frequent stops to take some rest. Drowsy driving can be dangerous. Hiring an auto shipping company is a wise decision because they have experience, offer peace of mind, and work fast. Moreover, they are cheaper in comparison.

If you are looking at how to ship a car from New York to Florida then visit Ship a Car, Inc. It is a popular automobile transport company that has made shipping cars seem simple. You can complete the booking in a few steps.

  1. Instant quotes – Get car transport quotes from their online cost calculator or call the specialist.
  2. Make shipment booking online – schedule a pickup time according to your convenience, make payment online, and finalize your shipping needs.
  3. Pickup – Your shipment is assigned to an appropriate carrier that accommodates your timeframe and route. On pickup day, your car is inspected and then loaded safely. It is ready to move towards the final destination. You can track the real-time status of your consignment. Priority support is also offered via an online transport tracker by the shipping agent.
  4. Delivery – On arrival, the car is unloaded carefully. After final inspection the driver hands over the car keys.

Car shipping professionals have experience and recruited skilled personnel across every facet to offer clients a seamless auto shipping experience.

  • Transport coordinators – They help clients with shipment planning. They work with myriads of shippers daily, so have good experience in helping clients with availability, pricing, and new bookings.
  • Shipment support agents – After the booking is completed, shipment support reps offer updates and resolve your doubts.
  • Dispatch specialists – They work behind the stage from the time you make a booking. The dispatch specialist team connects clients with drivers that accommodate your route to book a space on their carrier. The carrier they choose will depend on your specific needs – open or enclosed.
  • Credible drivers – The auto shipping company has an extensive network of certified carriers and qualified transporters. Every car they carry is treated with utmost care because they are aware of how valuable the car is to their clients.

Understand a little more about car shipping terms

Bill of Lading

It is a crucial document, and the auto transport companies use to document pre-existing damage on your car during pick up. It is an official contract for transport. You can even file an insurance claim associated with shipping, if necessary, with this bill of lading.


It is a kind of full-service delivery. Your car is directly picked from your doorstep and delivered to the final destination doorway. Sometimes the drivers find it hard to deliver directly to your door as ample space is essential for loading and unloading a car. Narrow streets, low lining power lines, or trees can make it hard, so the driver can request clients to meet at a nearby location from where the loading or unloading is safe.

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