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Car valuation: What should I consider when selling mine?

For those who have no experience, evaluating each aspect to Sell Exotic Cars in Atlanta GA is a bit of a complicated task. There are several factors, which must be taken into account, and it is very important to be aware of them. After all, no one wants to lose money on a sale or ask for a price above market reality and not be able to close the deal. If you want to know what to consider when setting the price of your used car, this post can help you. 


The car’s state of repair is critical to whether you can ask for an above-average price. It is essential that the visible parts of the car look good. This includes bodywork without scratches and dents, intact seats, working lights, etc. However, be honest with the potential buyer about the vehicle’s internal parts, such as the battery, engine, and radiator, etc. If he requests a check-up by his trusted mechanic before closing the deal, accept the proposal and make sure everything is working properly.


If you are passionate about the car itself, you have probably made some improvements to it: it could have been a seat change, GPS installation, or a more modern radio. When selling, these items add a lot of value, as they bring a positive differential in relation to the original model of the car. However, it is important to verify that you do not have an illegal item, such as non-factory xenon lights or film that is darker than allowed. Otherwise, you run the risk of being fined after the mandatory inspection that will be carried out before transferring ownership of the vehicle.


Mileage is very important when setting the price of the vehicle. That is because all car components suffer wear as it is used. Therefore, a car that has run less will likely have a longer lifespan, which attracts more buyers. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to tamper with the mileage of a vehicle, so it is interesting to observe the pedals. If they are worn out, it is a sign that the car must have driven more than 50,000 kilometers.

Balancing, tires and oil

These are examples of items that can be easily checked: just drive the car for a few minutes, test the tires or do a cursory analysis. Avoid trading in a car that has not been recently serviced on these items. Delivering the vehicle in good condition will increase your profits from the sale, and you will make a good impression. If you still have questions, even though you know what to look out for, talk to a mechanic. It will not be able to set a price, but it will at least help you assess whether there is any appreciation or depreciation factor in your vehicle.

In the end

In addition, there are companies specializing in surveys that can carry out this assessment, and the amount charged for the service is not so high. It is important to count on this professional support to be sure that you will negotiate your vehicle for a fair price.

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