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Disc brakes – Major advantages over conventional brakes.

A car has many components that contribute to the safety of your journey. Even though it might not seem like a safety system at first, the brakes of your car are an important safety feature.

This is because no matter how fast your car goes, the brakes should be able to get your vehicle to a halt. Stopping the car is not an easy affair at high speeds. Conventional brakes have a bad reputation for skidding off track on applications at high speeds. In fact, drum brakes can result in more accidents if applied on wet and undulating roads.

This problem can be effectively overcome by the replacement of drum brakes with disc brakes. Disc brakes are more efficient and safe for the faster cars of modern times. If your car does not have a disc brake system, then it is better to convert the conventional brake into a performance disc brake.

Ensuring that all the right parts go into the assembly of your new disc brakes is essential for a successful installation. Fortunately, reputed companies have products like Cross Drilled Rotors brake pads that will ensure the smooth and quality installation of disc brakes in your car.

Some of the main advantages of disc brakes over conventional drum brakes are as follows:

  • Fast
  • Stable
  • Less noise
  • Low heating
  • Safer


Conventional drum or leaf brakes require some time to engage. It can be noted that even though these brakes have served the purpose of getting the vehicle to stop, it was never the best option. Disc brakes overcome the disadvantage of conventional brakes by being swift in their engagement. There is no time delay between the application of brakes and its engagement.


You might have experienced a slight skidding or off-balance movement in your vehicle on the application of sudden brakes. A conventional brake system can not take the load from the application of sudden brakes. Since the brake engages directly to the wheel, there are chances of your car or bike going off track.

Less noise

Unlike drum brakes or other conventional brakes, disc brake does not make any noise on continuous application. This is a huge advantage as it can mean a quiet and more comfortable journey.


Considering all the above factors, it can be seen that overall the safety of disc brakes is much higher than that of conventional systems.

In short, it is better to replace your old conventional brakes with modern disc brakes for a faster, safer, and more comfortable journey.

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