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Regenerative Protective Coating – a brief analysis.

There are many types of heartbreaks, but the kind that hurts the most is when your beloved car is met with a dent or scratch by no fault of yours. The paint and exterior of your car give it the overall aesthetics. It is important to maintain the beauty of your vehicle as it was on the first day you drove it down the highway.

But unfortunately, many external factors affect the quality and durability of the paint and exterior of your car. Some of the main factors that contribute to the deterioration of your vehicle’s appearance are as follows:

  • UV rays from the Sun
  • Dust and smoke on the road
  • Scratches and dents
  • Insects residues
  • The abrupt change in climate
  • Snow and rainfall
  • Contact with sharp edges

Careful driving and parking the car or truck in safe and closed spaces can help avoid some of the above-mentioned factors from affecting the paint job of your car. But it’s not a permanent and sustainable solution. Fortunately, companies like Proshield have advanced invisible stone films that can cover the whole or parts of your car and provide protection throughout the year.

The regenerative protective coating is a new type of coating method where light and a thin film of polyurethane is applied over the surface of your car. This process is heat regenerative, meaning it will get automatically restored to its former condition upon contact with heat. Any micro-scratch or paint issue will be eliminated once the stone coating repairs itself.

The surface of the car will have an elastomeric polyurethane film fixed on it. The film is cut using computer design technology. Every car and its components will have separately designed films cut to their perfect shape.

The computer-designed and constructed stone films are then installed by highly trained and professional technicians who will make sure that the protective coating is invisible and no trace of stone coating is seen on the surface.

After the edges and corners are covered with the stone protective coating, it can be seen that the paint looks much fresher and brighter. The good part is that it will keep looking like that for years to come.

Apart from giving your car and truck protection from scratches and other external contaminants, the stone coating will also enhance the overall aesthetics of your vehicle.

To conclude, it is best to opt for a protective stone film coating for your beloved car, to save money and retain the beauty of your vehicle.

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